Thursday, January 27, 2011

Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation, located at Indira Nagar, Bangalore is a sure sign that the popularity of barbeque hasn’t faded over time. Bringing the concept of a live grill to Bangalore for the first time, the restaurant offers an option where customers can make their food on their personal grills, which are embedded in each table. This is the ultimate place for a foodie.

The ambience is delicate with a soothing dim lighting. The kitchen is a room made of glass which puts any cleanliness freak to ease. The buffet counter is placed right outside the kitchen. Each table is at a comfortable distance from the other, which assures privacy of conversation. The thing about this place is that you could find any variety of people here. This is a place that can fit in as whatever you want it to be- Whether it is a dinner place to go with colleagues for a business meal or a party place for a college group or a silent evening with your family. The topic of conversation seems to vary from politics to neighborhood gossip.

A special feature about this restaurant, something that pulls majority of the crowd to this place is that it offers unlimited starters. It spoils for choice. In non-vegetarian items it offers five types each of fish, prawns, chicken, lamb and mutton. Vegetarian starters offer a variety of dishes of Indian favorites like paneer, potatoes, beans, gobi and mushrooms. BBQ Nation takes pride in its starters and it keeps up to its image. Spices of 6 kinds are provided to customers who prefer to make their food on their personal grills. They can alter the taste and degree of barbequing for their choice of starter: Heavenly.

The liquor list is praiseworthy and populist. A pitcher is priced at Rs 350.

Then the main course arrives. Because the starters are so scrumptious, the main course is a boring contrast. A biryani (veg and non veg), Chinese noodles, plain rice and a few curries do nothing to particularly excite the taste buds: Palatable.

The soups are great. The Veg Korean soup is rich and the smoked chicken soup is piquant. A must try for people who prefer tangy and sharp soups. The salads are succulent.

The desserts are another specialty. Although it has not been given enough credit, it provides good competition to the starters. If the starters are zesty, the desserts are luxurious. There is the delicious gulab jamun, the different flavored sweet dishes are- butter scotch swiss roll, white rum balls, vanilla ice cream, strawberry mousse, blue berry tart, mango pastry and many more in the list. For people who always look for new things to try out there is the kiwi soufflé, a rare item not likely to be found in most restaurants.

Overall, the experience of Barbeque Nation is fulfilling. Everything is well organized and there is a sense of belonging. The parking is easy and comfortable. The service is prompt. Everything is delivered with a genuine smile. 

The price range can be a small pinch in the pocket. A meal for two would cost around Rs.800. It is more a place to go on occasions than is a usual hangout spot. 

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