Monday, January 24, 2011

Marzorin-- The ever delectable fast food joint.

If one was to ask a “Puneite” to mention the five best fast food joints in Pune, Marzorin would definitely be first in the list.  Situated on MG Road, opposite Bombay Stores, Marzorin is one of the very first fast food establishments in the city. This joint, which is open from 9:30 in the morning to 10:00 in the night, boasts of satiating and appetising food items. It was founded by Mr. Sheriar J Sheriarji in 1965 with only four items on the menu. Today Marzorin has over 150 items and is one of the most famous fast food joints in Pune. In short, for almost half a century, Marzorin has stood the test of time.  
Marzorin has a cozy and alluring ambience. A patio on the upper floor has tables each with three to four chairs. The atmosphere is exceedingly pleasurable and welcoming and one can sneak a view of the hullabaloo on the streets from the balcony. Food is served on a “pay and eat” system which means that a customer is required to pay first and then collect his dish. The prices are not the ones which could burn a hole in one’s pocket. Scrummy food at affordable prices makes this place popular among the locals.
     Some of the choicest food items of the restaurant include chicken rolls, the tangy chutney sandwiches, the hot bakes like macaroni and spaghettis, ice creams of assorted varieties, pastries, desserts, cool fruit juices and milkshakes. The heavenly chicken roll consists of generous pieces of boneless chicken with mayonnaise, making it the signature dish of Marzorin. Vegetarians must definitely try out the tangy green chutney sandwiches which will leave them craving for more. If you are a health conscious foodie (now that’s an oxymoron), there are a wide array of whole wheat sandwiches and burgers catering to the tastes of both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians. The chillers at Marzorin are exciting too – Cool Blue and Green Apple chillers come as a respite on a hot and sultry afternoon.
      Marzorin caters to the taste of a kid as much as that of an adult; to the taste of a foodaholic as much as that of a health freak; and to the townies as much as that of the ‘Burbies’. People flock here in numbers because of the quality assurance that Marzorin upholds for its customers. The joint prepares its bread in its in-house bakery. It fortifies its bread with Soya flour, non-fat milk solids and multi-fibre blends that include soluble and insoluble fibre. It makes its own mayonnaise which is 100 percent vegetarian. The chicken is thoroughly pressure cooked. Lean chicken is used without any skin or fat. The joint uses only low-fat, non-cholesterol, non-dairy cream in all their pastries and desserts. All their cakes are delicious low fat, cholesterol free and eggless, and they also boast of using trans-fat free margarine in all their products. In addition to this, they make low fat sugar free desserts and beverages.
   During Christmas, Marzorin is well decorated with a Christmas tree, mistletoes, and flashy lights to suit the merry atmosphere, and offers yummy gooey chocolate cakes, cookies and marzipans prepared at the joint itself.        
          A single visit to Marzorin might just heighten your expectations of any other food joint for the fact that one cannot get enough of this place. Also, after stirring your taste buds at Marzorin, do not forget to take a parcel for the folks at home!

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